Why Hillary Should Dance with The Devil

Hillary Rodham ClintonHillary Clinton has been accused of many things, including being some shady underhanded crook who shouldn’t be trusted. The media and her opponents will tell you that she’s raked in millions in speaking fees and has received hefty donations from big business, which is the very evil that Democrats have been accusing the GOP of for years. I’m going to explain why the voters can and should forgive her for this.

In the world of todays politics its become very clear, you’re not going to get the prize if you don’t have the coin.

The United States is where it is today in part due to something seemingly innocuous that occurred at the beginning of the 1980’s. A woman from Missouri by the name of Harriett Woods was running as a Democrat for the U. S. Senate. Harriett was a mother of two that had followed an improbable path into politics, all the while gaining valuable experience at the city and state level. Her senate race had her running against Republic Senator John Danforth. (Now follow me here as this all comes full circle) Senator Danforth was not only an incumbent but also a former attorney general of Missouri, an ordained priest and the wealthy grandson of Ralston Purina. (Money, Money, Money by ABBA should be playing in your ear at this point)harriett woods

Even with all this going for him, Senator Danforth found himself in a tight race with Harriett Woods, with Woods even winning some of the most rural Republican areas in Missouri. That was until the final week of the election cycle when the Woods campaign ran out of money which meant that she couldn’t afford to counter the last minute storm of virulent attacks broadcast by her opponent.

This heartbreaking defeat drew special attention, particularly due to the fact that Harriett Woods was the only female U.S. Senate Candidate in the whole country. It became so clear that she could have won with financial support to answer the attacks, that her race inspired the founding of EMILY’s List, (say it with me West Wing Fans ‘E’arly ‘M’oney ‘I’s ‘L’ike ‘Y’east) one of the biggest PAC’s in the nation.

So Senator Danforth did win and on his way to Washington, he took with him, an African American lawyer named Clarence Thomas, who had been working for Monsanto, the agrochemical giant responsible for Agent Orange, GMO seeds/foods and so much more.

Now here is where we bring it full circle:

  1. If Harriett Woods hadn’t been defeated by less than 2% of the votes in Missouri, Danforth would not have gone on to be a U.S. Senator.
  2. If Danforth hadn’t been a U.S. Senator, he wouldn’t have taken Clarence Thomas with him to Washington as a staff member who would then go on to be appointed by George H. Bush to the Supreme Court.
  3. If Thomas hadn’t been on the Supreme Court, he couldn’t have supplied the one-vote difference that halted the Florida court-ordered recount in Gore V. Bush.
  4. If the recount had continued, Al Gore would have been president not George Bush.Election 2000
  5. If George W. Bush had not been president, the U.S. would have been far less likely to launch the longest war in U.S. History, costing billions in tax dollars given to twenty thousand contractors, with thousands killed and wounded on both sides.
  6. If Al Gore had been president, global warming would have been taken seriously. And, the U.S. would not have falsified evidence to justify invading oil-rich Iraq, which along with Afghanistan, convinced some Islamic countries that the U.S. is waging war against Islam.
  7. With no George W. Bush presidency, there would not have been the biggest transfer of wealth into private hands in the history of this nation: a pay ratio where the average CEO earns 475 times more than the average worker (in Canada, it’s 20 times); an executive order giving an estimated $40 billions in tax dollars to Catholic, Evangelical and other religious groups, without congressional approval, often with the appearance of turning churches into a vote delivery system.

If you’re not screaming already, here is one more…

  1. Without Clarence Thomas to supply the one-vote majority, the Supreme Court might not have ruled that corporations are people, therefore allowing them the right to unlimited political spending, which is why, my friends and fellow voters, Hillary needs to follow the money.

Hillary learned her lesson during the last election primary. This time, if she doesn’t dance with the devil, it won’t be President Sanders that you’ll be hearing at the 2017 Swearing-In, it’ll be President Trump!

This blog post was inspired by Gloria Steinem’s latest book – My Life on the Road My Life on the Road - Cover

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2 thoughts on “Why Hillary Should Dance with The Devil

  1. I don’t usually have a lot of interest or faith in the political process, past the necessary level to make an informed vote, but this post spoke to a piece of history that was the turning point for me wherein I began to think that what ‘we the people’ thought, felt, said, had zero impact on political outcomes, the Bush administration.
    I was already screaming, by the one vote point, at the injustice that has mired us all in the west in a sticky mess of fear and intolerance, incapable of undoing the snowball effect it caused of racism, division and suspicion of our fellow man; the feeling I am sick to death of.
    There is no changing history but perhaps Hillary has a Clarence Thomas of her own, a 1 person anomaly that will set the stage for a series of events that can loosen the mire enough to put right some of the wrongs we are encased in today-maybe it will be Sanders, we certainly can’t afford Trump, god help us.
    Dance Hillary, dance!

    • Thank you very much for your thoughtful comments Erica. It’s frightening to look back and see what has been done through the political farce and waht an impact it can have on the entire world. I’m not sure why Bernie chose to run at this point in his political career and naturally, most if not all Democrats will support him should he win the nomination but I just don’t see how people can fault Hillary for working so hard to get to this point and believe that all she cares about is money and power. The woman has been through hell and still wants to work for the public. If she really didn’t, she could have just kept raking in the dough with her speeches and not added another 10-15 years onto her life. Thanks again for commenting and please continue to watch this space…

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